Product Description

VoIP desk/wall telephone for use in areas with explosive atmospheres in Zone 2 and 22

This new telephone with a housing made of impact-resistant and shockproof polycarbonate is approved for zone 2 / 22 according ATEX.

Within the field of chemical and petrochemical industry combustible atmospheres result repeatedly from procedural progress eventually caused by gas, steam or exhalation. Due to its striking signal colour the FernTel IP / zone 2 / 22 cannot be missed whenever a telephone is urgently needed in zone 2 / 22.

Further advantages concerning the employment in areas with high air humidity and explosive atmospheres are given by the use of an impact-proof thermoplastic housing as well as screws made of stainless steel.

The device is easily convertedfrom a wall telephone to a desktelephone.

The FernTel IP / zone 2 / 22 allows efficient working with high comfort completed by the illuminated keypad and display. The standardized features according to H.450 are supported.

The FernTel IP / zone 2 / 22 offers features of high quality based on industrial standards instead of proprietary solutions.