Product Description

IP Telephone for indoor and outdoor use in zone 1 and 2

Proven technology from FHF makesthe ExResistTel IP2 suitable for all indoorand outdoor applications in hazardousareas.

The new ExResistTel IP2 is the ideal unit for all kinds of weather conditions at a wide variety of very diverse facilities – whether sea water, high humidity or extreme mechanical demands.

The housing is made of impact and shock resistant fiberglass-reinforced polyester. Even acids, alkalis or lubricants have no effect on the housing. Its robust design is the perfect “packaging” to meet the latest requirements demanded of VoIP telephones for use in hazardous areas. It is always available when a telephone is urgently needed, such as in emergency situations.

The ExResistTel IP2 makes work more effective by providing especially convenient telephone services. An illuminated, heated display rounds out the convenience features of the ExResistTel IP2.

It also supports all features of the H.450 standard. The ExResistTel IP2 offers high-quality features based on industry standards and our decades of experience. A headset, available as accessory equipment, can be easily connected to the telephone. A hands free function is also integrated into the unit.