Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas production and processing operations require a specialised approach for design, installation and maintenance. ATP is able to offer integrated solutions that combine Fire and Gas Detection, CCTV, Security and Access Control, ESD’s, Personnel Tracking Systems, PA/GA, Platform Alarm and Evacuation and Security Systems as well as Gas Suppression Systems for platforms, rigs and support vessels.

All this with the added experience of working in Ex rated environments whilst offering some of the world’s best Ex rated and Intrinsically safe products.

Projects include: Gorgon, Wheatstone, Icthys, Browse, Pluto, North Rankin A and North Rankin B



A power Generation facility has several high risk areas where fire or an explosion can occur. ATP provides high performance fire detection and protection systems that will detect fires quickly, are of an appropriate type to avoid nuisance trips and will activate the most suitable suppression agent for the type of risk associated. ATP take care to design and supply these systems to ensure that due to the high cost and critical infrastucture is well protected and most importantly down time is minimised.


Mining & Construction

Having successfully completed projects on some of Australia’s largest Mining projects ATP understand the fabric of Mining and Construction. ATP has developed solutions that meet the specific needs and satisfy the specific risks associated with Mining and Construction. These include the integration of Fire Detection, Fire Suppression, Gas Detection, CCTV, Perimeter Security Systems, Public Address and Evacuation Systems, Personnel Monitoring and Equipment Tracking systems. Versed in all areas of fire detection, suppression and gas detection our product suite is catering for the Mining and Construction market.



The need for real time data is of particular importance for the effective monitoring of plant and equipment within a batch plant. Through ATPs understanding of Hazardous areas and ability to supply effective Wireless solutions in Zone 1 / 2 areas using a range of manufacturers wireless access points. Using this technology will enable the manufacturer to gain access to video collaboration and VOIP technologies for communication, RFID tagging of assets and equipment to gain real time data and active tagging solutions to provide tracking of high value assets and personnel within the facility. ATP can offer these solutions to reduce labour costs and improve productivity.